MSP Voice Webinar – HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Doug Hazelman, host of MSP Voice interviewed our CEO,  Gil Vidals on their webinar series talking about HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions.  In this webinar series, we discuss the benefits of security and managed services for HIPAA Compliant Hosting. MSP Voice – Benefits of HIPAA Compaliant Hosting

Is your Gmail HIPAA Compliant?

Andrew Kroninger, Total HIPAA’s Director of Customer Success, interviewed Gil Vidals, founder and CEO of HIPAA Vault, a HIPAA compliant cloud managing solution. The two discussed Gmail’s potential for HIPAA compliant email messaging. You can listen to this episode of our podcast HIPAA Talk! above or on your mobile device via Apple Podcasts. Or, read … Continue reading Is your Gmail HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth for Therapists

Your patients value your counsel and are willing to share with you their deepest, personal struggles. As a therapist, you handle that information as a sacred trust. Unfortunately, that trust may be broken – however unintended – through unwise uses of technology.   No doubt, you desire flexibility in the way you share and store protected … Continue reading HIPAA Compliant Telehealth for Therapists

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Why the Robots Don’t Love Us

Don’t be part of the 15% When you choose HIPAA Vault’s HIPAA compliant cloud solutions, you make a smart choice for less frustration in your cloud provider.  Here’s a huge reason why: it means you won’t be part of the 15% in 2021 that Gartner is predicting will jettison their valuable “company-consumer touchpoint” of customer service, and look outside for … Continue reading Why the Robots Don’t Love Us


HIPAA-Secure Email for Therapists

It’s a new year, a time to prioritize our goals. Here’s one for you, if it’s not on your list already: with all the forces that seek to separate us, let’s recommit to preserve and grow our relationships. To that end, Healthy communication is essential.  As a therapist, you know this well. You take all your patient’s … Continue reading HIPAA-Secure Email for Therapists

3 File Sharing Risks in Healthcare

…and How Our Compliant File-Management Solution Can Help File management tools have certainly come a long way. In the not-too-distant past, the “secure delivery” of your health records consisted of: a) placing copies carefully into an envelope and sealing it, b) dropping it into interoffice mail or a slot at the post-office/UPS, or c) even … Continue reading 3 File Sharing Risks in Healthcare