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We are your trusted partner for enterprise-grade, fully managed HIPAA-compliant web hosting solution

HIPAA Vault guarantees the security and confidentiality of your PHI while providing the convenience and scalability of cloud computing. From our advanced Kubernetes services to our managed hosting offerings, we are equipped to handle all your enterprise cloud hosting needs.

“HIPAA Vault provides the security solutions practitioners, developers, and enterprises need to safeguard private medical data from costly exposure.” 

Christine Preusler
Web Developer

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Healthcare Cloud: 24/7 Security, You Serve, We Secure

Our cloud solutions are crafted for healthcare, with dedicated IT pros managing 100% compliance, 24/7 security, and proactive support, from basic questions to complex configurations. Focus on patients, we handle the rest.

True HIPAA Compliance: We design cloud plans for every scale, from solo practices to enterprise networks, all with built-in security exceeding industry standards.
Fully Managed Service: Our team handles everything, from onboarding to advanced support, ensuring peace of mind.
Flexible Options: Choose isolated servers, web application firewalls, and more, customized to your needs.
Always Available: Enjoy 24/7 live tech support for any questions or concerns.

Unburden Yourself with Peace of Mind: HIPAA Vault’s Comprehensive Managed Services

Get the ultimate protection with our suite of expert-managed security features, including:

Custom IP

Ensures data is stored in cloud-based, private servers, without IP issues.

Two-Factor Authorization

Unique logins + device verification: Secure access, guaranteed.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Redundant system ensures uptime, no downtime or data loss.

SSL Certificate &

Deployed at a network level in order to halt potential attacks

Host Intrusion
Detection System

Advanced detection and analysis capabilities to monitor applications.

SIEM & Logger

Continuous monitoring of system events protects PHI, and ensures the integrity of your system.

Web Application

Cloud-based server security as part of a multi-layered approach.

Managed Firewall Rules

Designed to thwart any potential threats and attacks on the system


Ensuring that data and information remain accessible and usable upon request.


Logs are created to display systems access activity to determine regular and irregular access patterns.


Avoid infections from viruses, spyware, adware, and potentially unwanted applications.

Server Hardening

Environments are protected by a custom approach overseen by our administrators and engineers.


Regular testing is conducted on software to identify and protect against security vulnerabilities.


Protecting systems at the network level by monitoring packet flow and aborting any detected anomalous network activity.

Bootless Kernel

When compiling a new security patch code, we seamlessly apply the changes to the running kernel.


On and Offsite backups made regularly to keep your data available in an emergency.


Designed to thwart any potential threats and attacks on the system

System Monitoring

Advanced monitoring tools customized for every environment, operating system, and application.

By reducing the complexity of maintaining your cloud environment, we’ll help free up your time to work on the bigger picture.

One of our experts will be in touch by phone or email within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Celebrating Real Stories of HIPAA Security Success

Big or small, our IT pros deliver ironclad HIPAA compliance.

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