Timely Healthcare with Secure HIPAA Drive
By Stephen Trout, , HIPAA Blog, HIPAA Drive, Security

Good physicians understand: timely treatments promote better health outcomes. 

It makes sense, doesn’t it? The sooner an effective remedy can be administered, the better. Patient engagement between physician and patient improves, and dangerous and debilitating effects from delayed treatments (such as kidney or heart failure) may also be averted.  

In the past, some delays were an expected part of the healthcare process. For example, sensitive paper records or x-rays were typically sent to patients and specialists by snail mail, and one simply had to wait for the mail to arrive. Additionally, the potential for one’s personal health data to be misdelivered, lost, or stolen made this a huge liability

However, the challenge today is to protect sensitive, digital data from hackers as it hurtles across the internet, through health website portals, and/or is stored in the cloud. And while the wait times may be reduced, the need for improved data timeliness with effective data protection still exists. This is where HIPAA Vault’s HIPAA Drive excels. 

In our digital age, near-instantaneous, secure transfers of the most up-to-date patient histories and treatment plans will continue to play a key role in promoting better, more timely healthcare. 

What is HIPAA Drive?

A secure, cloud-based hub with user-friendly file-syncing and sharing capabilities, HIPAA Drive’s multi-layered, managed security solution protects your data in the cloud and in cyberspace. 

Timely treatments can now be achieved through faster, more efficient transfer of the latest files. Effective collaboration among specialists is streamlined, and essential privacy is maintained – the essence of HIPAA compliance.  

(Note: The “user-friendly” aspect is especially important. Studies have shown that insecure methods of transfer are frequently chosen by healthcare workers for ease of use, even though the risks may sky-rocket).

So what makes our file-sharing drive HIPAA compliant? Here are 5 essentials, each of which helps to promote data timeliness and data protection:

Five Ingredients of HIPAA Compliant File Sharing
  1. Transmission Security & Data Integrity – 

With 2048-bit RSA, end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, your Drive files are encrypted at the click of a button before sharing externally. In-transit and at-rest encryption protocols ensure complete privacy and confidentiality. 

  1. File Syncing, and a Secure, User-Friendly Interface –

For healthcare, having the most up-to-date files for all team members is essential. File syncing makes this possible. Simply login to our user-friendly, cloud-based hub for instant file syncing and sharing and the latest patient histories and relevant treatment information.

  1. Access Controls – 

HIPAA Drive gives your team complete access control over files and folders from anywhere, with the ability to change permissions at any time. Multi-level document access is also possible, with dedicated folders, sub-folders, and files.

  1. Password Protection/Two Factor Authentication –

Strong, unique passwords for individual users are a hallmark of HIPAA compliance; yet even if your password should fall into the wrong hands, access to your data is prevented by a secondary layer of protection with a code sent only to you, known as two-factor authentication.   

  1. A Signed BAA –

HIPAA Vault provides a signed Business Associates Agreement, our legal commitment to protect your data from exploitation. 

Timeliness Matters

No one likes to wait for necessary treatments, and they shouldn’t have to. When files such as X-rays and MRIs can be easily accessed through a secure web interface, without the need for physical records, faster healing is promoted. HIPAA Drive’s ample, 1-Terabyte Storage and unlimited users allow your team to send and receive large files quickly, so timely treatments can be administered.

HIPAA Drive is ideal for companies working in different locations or departments, or on different operating systems. Easily store and share files and folders with your patients, staff, and specialists outside your network. Support for desktop, Android, and Apple applications also allows for greater accessibility to important documents from virtually anywhere. 

Above all, you’ll have peace of mind that your important patient files will reach their destination securely – without worrying about delivery mishaps, hackers, or hard drive failures. 

Enjoy HIPAA Vault’s renowned managed services with tier-less, dedicated live support, with less than 15-minute response times to critical alerts. Give us a call to find out more! 760–290–3460, or visit www.hipaavault.com.

HIPAA Vault is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant solutions, enabling healthcare providers, business organizations, and government agencies to secure their protected health information from data breaches, threats, and security vulnerabilities.