I Heard Your System Was Rlinning
The Blind Leading The Blind
How Do You Spell That
He Was Going To Be In That Room For a Long Time
Company Website Is Ready For Production!
Change Your Password And Log Back In
Just Reboot It
Upload To The Cloud
The Bugs Are Features
Power Outage
Never Worked IT Before
Ernie In Server Room
Nothing Changed
Bar Napkin
Well I am glad that's over with!
Uh, oh! Looks like I'm the one on-call tonight!
The Adventures of Dippy the Developer
Thag think emailing hard
Oh, no! Anather support ticket
I.T. Shop - a comic for sysadmins by sysadmins
I think you will fit in very well with our level 1 techs
I did failover, but the secondary unit just started smoking!
wordpress drupal joomla use
undo reboot
sysadmin too far
critical issue
testing inprod
500 errors

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