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From Fortune 500s to Local Heroes: HIPAA Vault Protects Every Patient Story

From startups to enterprise giants, HIPAA Vault safeguards sensitive patient information with proven expertise and unwavering dedication.


We’re laser-eyed on one mission: impenetrable HIPAA compliance

Gil Vidals started Etica Inc. DBA HIPAA Vault in 1997 with the mission of providing uncompromising and affordable HIPAA compliant hosting combined with world-class customer-service and 24/7 technical support.

Today, HIPAA Vault leads the way as a secure cloud provider. Choosing HIPAA Vault is choosing peace of mind. It’s knowing your sensitive data is in the hands of relentless protectors, not juggling vendors with divided attention. We’re the fortress in the healthcare cloud, standing guard 24/7, 365.


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Guaranteed Compliance, Tailored Solutions, 24/7 Support.

Our cloud solutions are crafted for healthcare, with dedicated IT pros managing 100% compliance, 24/7 security, and proactive support, from basic questions to complex configurations. Focus on patients, we handle the rest.

True HIPAA Compliance: We design cloud plans for every scale, from solo practices to enterprise networks, all with built-in security exceeding industry standards.
Fully Managed Service: Our team handles everything, from onboarding to advanced support, ensuring peace of mind.
Flexible Options: Choose isolated servers, web application firewalls, and more, customized to your needs.
Always Available: Enjoy 24/7 live tech support for any questions or concerns.

By reducing the complexity of maintaining your cloud environment, we’ll help free up your time to work on the bigger picture.

One of our experts will be in touch by phone or email within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Celebrating Real Stories of HIPAA Security Success

Big or small, our IT pros deliver ironclad HIPAA compliance.

Experience the Simplicity of HIPAA Compliance

Custom Cloud, Constant Vigilance

HIPAA compliance is required by all organizations who store Patient Health Information (PHI).

From our popular HIPAA-Compliant Linux Base Plan to Global Enterprise Cloud Deployments and GCP Managed Services, HIPAA Vault can design the cloud hosting plan that fits your business needs and incorporates the most effective security measures. That includes:

Business Associate Agreement (BAA): A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is a contract signed by service providers and users, binding both parties to adhere to HIPAA guidelines. At HIPAA Vault, we provide a BAA for every service we offer, serving as evidence of our clients’ HIPAA Compliance.

Monthly payments: At HIPAA Vault, we offer flexible month-to-month payment plans for all our services. This not only provides a great option for clients on a tight budget but also caters to those who plan to scale their services in the future.

Starte-of-the-art Data Centers: HIPAA Vault has data centers located all across the United States. These data centers have high class security, monitoring, DC & AC power systems, generators, Fire protection, and more to ensure our customer’s data is protected.

Option to participate in HIPAA Verification Program: HIPAA Vault offers penetration testing services for any external services that are not managed by us. All our services are verified and HIPAA-compliant. If you ever need to verify the compliance of our services, we can connect you with our in-house compliance team.

Navigate the Evolving HIPAA Landscape

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