Our Partners

Reseller Affiliate and a Referral Rewards Program

HIPAA Vault offers two separate partnership programs – a Reseller Affiliate program and a Referral Rewards program. Both are built to provide inline systems for long term partnership with industry colleagues; however, they differ in their commitment levels and compensation packages.

Reseller Affiliate Program

At its core, the Reseller Affiliate program is built for organizations who intend to include HIPAA Vault services in their portfolio.  Up to 18% monthly recurring revenue opportuntiies.

Our Successful Partners:
  • Provide Level 1 Support Capabilities
  • Desire to expand HIPAA Solutions
  • Focused on Cybersecurity


Referral Rewards Program

The Referral Rewards program is meant more for one-time client referrals – know someone who could benefit from HIPAA Vault? Let us know! If they end up choosing HIPAA Vault, we’ll cut you a share of the pie!

  • Short term “one off” partnerships
  • Send us the lead, we will close the deal


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