One of the clear lessons of our recent pandemic has been that an invisible virus can do great harm to a body, if only given a “portal” through which to enter. The “attack vectors” are varied, if not deceptive: airborne, on surfaces, and even by those who show no symptoms.

Fortunately, we’ve learned firsthand how the vigilant use of protections – while not a guarantee – does help limit transmission, keeping us and our communities safer.

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Note: It’s National Hospital Week, celebrating hospitals, health systems and health care workers. This year’s theme: “A Week of Thanks.” 

With that in mind, and especially during these trying times, we wanted to take a few weeks away from our series on HIPAA Plugins for WordPress to mention the important contributions of our own Terri Vidals and the Los Angeles Surge Hospital – a new, “Covid-19 Only” hospital fighting to stem the tide of the novel coronavirus. You can read part-1 here. 

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A well-known movie line exclaims, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” All Hollywood drama aside, we know how poor communications can complicate relationships. 

When it comes to healthcare, however, the stakes can be even higher: misdiagnosis, delayed treatments, or even worse. Malicious cyber attacks that may damage the integrity and availability of your data only add to the threat.    

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Collaboration and teamwork – they’re key to what you do. For healthcare teams especially, the excellent care you provide wouldn’t be accomplished without them. 

For numerous clinics and counselors, surgeons and specialists, Google’s powerful suite of collaborative services – from Gmail to Hangouts, to Calendar and Sheets – offers the anywhere, real-time connections necessary to promote efficient outcomes. They really do make life easier. 

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote health services and telemedicine technologies – already in operation in many places – are now in high demand. 

With critical isolation and quarantine protocols now impacting non-emergent, in-person exams, the need is great for health providers to adopt effective consultation alternatives. As a result, some telemedicine companies are now undergoing a rapid expansion of services.

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Google Server

Are Google Servers HIPAA Compliant?

Innovative healthcare technology providers, including developers of telemedicine apps for virtual consults, rely on site responsiveness and high data availability to facilitate patient care.

Before choosing the cloud, these important technology providers will often ask if Google servers can meet the tests for HIPAA compliance; in other words, will they ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and high data availability required by the HIPAA Security Rule.

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Cloud SQL

Like never before, businesses must contend with an explosion of data to be analyzed, stored if necessary, and quickly retrieved in order to solve problems and meet business goals.

For healthcare especially, highly secure and available databases are critical to access life-saving information and provide key services.

How efficiently and affordably an organization can manage this will depend in large part on their data platform.

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As schools, businesses, healthcare organizations, and individuals everywhere seek to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic with safer ways of operating, many are opting to work from home or transition their business services to online portals. This move to do more than social distancing to “flatten the curve” is certainly warranted – especially for…

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Things are not always as they seem…

especially in the world of data security. We like to assume attacks are rare, and won’t happen to us. But it’s often our own lack of care that gets us and our organizations in trouble. We leave a hard drive out in the open, fail to encrypt data, maybe even leave…

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