HIPAA Compliant Gmail plans.

Enterprise HIPAA compliant Gmail Solutions for healthcare organizations.


Annual Plan

Google Workspace Business Plus



Discounted rate for paying up-front annual subscription

Monthly Plan

Google Workspace Business Plus


Ideal for large organizations to
seamlessly add and remove inboxes

Benefits Included:

5TB cloud storage
Secure business email + eDiscovery
& Retention
Data Leak Protection (DLP) policy
No new software or logins
Zero Trust Security-only
authorized parties can access
Advanced Encryption Technology
Easy collaboration with external
Revoke access, disable forwarding,
set expiration
Video recording & attendance tracking

Need a custom solution?

We’re your one stop HIPAA compliance solution for Gmail.

Is Gmail HIPAA Compliant?

Standard versions are not. Using Gmail confidential mode or free Workspace encrypted email is not enough for HIPAA compliance.

There’s good news, however: HIPAA Vault has partnered with Google to offer an enterprise solution for HIPAA-compliant Gmail, developed specifically for healthcare organizations.

Our HIPAA-compliant Gmail solution provides a seamless user experience for emails and attachments, with the persistent data protections you require.

HIPAA Compliant Google Workspace

Offering healthcare teams an unmatched suite of HIPAA-compliant, productivity apps:

Google Meet, for secure video conferencing with staff and specialists across remote locations.
Google Drive, for creating protected patient folders and forms with Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.
HIPAA-compliant Chat gives you the secure, real-time connections with your staff, necessary to promote safe and efficient outcomes.

HIPAA Compliant Gmail

powered by Workspace provides

Zero Trust Security – only authorized parties can access
Data Leak Protection (DLP) policy management
Video recording & attendance tracking
SIEM integration/Log Export API
24/7 technical support
HIPAA Vault’s full-range of managed security services
Secure business email + eDiscovery & Retention
Audit access, including watermark attachments
Internal/external access controls
No new software
Revoke access, disable forwarding, set expiration for Gmail
Advanced Encryption Technology
Easy collaboration with external recipients
Granular reporting

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20 reviews

Jenny French

6 months ago

I truly could not be happier! Customer Service has always been VERY important to me and it was the catalyst for me choosing HIPAA Vault above competitors after seeing…

Josh Champion

a year ago

Extremely helpful getting HIPAA compliant hosting up and running for our small medical group. Tech support is very responsive, and very easy to work with. Looked at…

Ash Mohammad

8 months ago

Great service and wonderful support team. We had HIPAA Vault hosting service for a long time and we never faced any security or support issues. Thanks so much HIPAA Vault team…

Michelle L. O’Neal

3 years ago

HIPAA Vault has provided excellent customer service to my web development team. They are quick to respond to all support tickets and offer advice to keep our sites…

Henry Torres

a year ago

Excellent customer service and quick response to any inquiries. Smooth and high quality full service provider that I recommend for those looking for a solid partnership…

Annette Reid

4 years ago

HIPAA Compliance is of the most importance when it comes to Healthcare Professionals. VMRacks delivers HIPAA Compliant email and hosting to my medical clients and…

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