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Minimizing Risk through 
Penetration Testing

Conducted by security experts who “think like hackers,” HIPAA Pen Testing tests your security controls, policies, and procedures – before breaches can occur. Unlike basic, automated system scans, penetration (or pen) testing – also known as ethical hacking – serves as a real-world test of your organization’s security, validating your system’s resistance to actual vulnerabilities.

Since healthcare records contain a wealth of sensitive, personal information, regular risk assessments of your organization’s security are crucial for preventing a costly data breach. They’re also a requirement for covered entities to maintain HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Pen testing can help serve as an important validation of compliance for your organization.

Why do you need it?

Cybercrime represents an enormous risk to both patients and healthcare organizations. The advantage of an objective pen test report from someone outside your organization is that your IT team, as well as executives, can see their security blind spots and leverage this early detection to make changes. Your sensitive patient data can be better protected while saving money in potential breach costs, downtime, and remediation.

Pen Testing Will Provide

  • A comprehensive report detailing all known vulnerabilities
  • Solutions for remediation for validation and compliance

You’ll receive a comprehensive report that details all known vulnerabilities, provides actual steps for remediation, and serves as a validation of compliance.

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