Pen Testing can cover:

  • Remote and/or Onsite Penetration Testing
  • Network Service Penetration Tests
  • Web Application Penetration Testing

Conducted by security experts who “think like hackers,” HIPAA Pen Testing tests your security controls, policies, and procedures – before breaches occur – and validates your system’s resistance to actual vulnerabilities. Unlike basic, automated system scans, penetration (or pen) testing – also known as ethical hacking – serves as a “real-world” test of your organization’s security.

Since healthcare records contain a wealth of sensitive, personal information, regular risk assessments of your organization’s ability to withstand vulnerabilities is crucial for preventing a costly data breach. It’s also a requirement for covered entities to maintain HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Pen testing can help serve as an important validation of compliance for your organization.

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You’ll receive a comprehensive report that details all known vulnerabilities, provides steps for remediation, and that serves a validation of compliance.

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