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HIPAA Vault’s completely integrated, compliant fax solution enables sensitive fax documents containing PHI to be attached and transmitted via a secure email message. HIPAA Fax provides seamless, secure faxing, able to handle large, enterprise-grade volumes while maintaining data integrity. Faxes may also be received directly from within your EHR – all without retrieving, printing or scanning.

Managed Services are standard with HIPAA Fax, with less-than-15 minute response times for critical alerts, and 90% first call resolution. Our dedicated IT professionals handle everything from general support questions and maintenance, to more complex technical issues (see below). This can result in reduced operating costs, while giving you the latest in security updates and compliance. 

Plan includes

  • Completely integrated, HIPAA compliant faxing
  • Customized cover pages generated on demand
  • Editing in cloud fax portal
  • Proof of delivery confirmation to your email
  • World Class deliverability rates
  • Direct faxing from Microsoft Office or Office 365
  • high volume and time-sensitive faxes
  • US-based Premium Support

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