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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standardized method for exchanging business documents between different companies. Healthcare organizations, in particular, use EDI to transfer clinical and administrative data among patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and other relevant entities. EDI supports the exchange of vital records like medical records, billing information, eligibility inquiries, claim status, and other crucial health-related data. For more information on EDI, check out our EDI blog post!

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HIPAA Vault – Your Partner in Compliance

As a leading managed service provider, HIPAA Vault simplifies the process of achieving EDI compliance, making it effortless and stress-free. We bring in-depth knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulations, and couple it with our technical expertise to design and manage solutions for your EDI systems that align with HIPAA standards. By conducting regular risk assessments, hosting a secure network to transfer EDI documents, implementing robust security measures, and offering 24/7 monitoring, we help ensure your EDI data remains private and secure at all times. With HIPAA Vault, compliance is no longer a daunting task, but an achievable goal.

Our HIPAA-Compliant EDI Services

sFTP Network

Our sFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) Network adds a layer of protection when transferring sensitive data over networks, making it a vital part of HIPAA-compliant EDI solutions. Our HIPAA sFTP solution guarantees that EDI data, be it medical records, billing information, or eligibility inquiries, are transmitted securely.

EDI Integration

HIPAA Vault ensures seamless integration of EDI within your existing systems. We create a link between your current systems and the EDI interface, resulting in an automated flow of data that enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual intervention, and ensures compliance with HIPAA standards.

System Automation

System Automation streamlines the operation of your EDI systems, significantly reducing manual intervention. By automating repetitive tasks, we help increase efficiency and accuracy during the data exchange process. This saves valuable time and resources, and ensures EDI data integrity by minimizing the risk of human error.

Updating and Aligning Systems

New healthcare regulations, evolving coding practices, and advancing technologies demand regular updates to EDI systems. HIPAA Vault ensures your EDI systems are up to date, aligned with healthcare best practices, and enables efficient data exchange, reduced compliance risks, and enhanced patient care.

Test Automation

Test Automation verifies the performance and functionality of your EDI systems. This rigorous testing protocol identifies potential issues or vulnerabilities early, allowing for swift resolution before they can impact the system’s operation. Automating the testing process enhances the reliability of EDI systems while maintaining HIPAA standards.


Our EDI solutions offer comprehensive reports on your system. These reports address operational efficiency, data integrity, non-compliance, security vulnerabilities, and system performance. Clear, actionable data facilitates informed decisions for system improvement, risk management, and strategic planning.

Compliance Validation

We offer comprehensive compliance validation checks to ensure that your EDI systems align all necessary regulations. These checks evaluate all aspects of your EDI systems, including data transfer protocols, security measures, and privacy policies. Any identified discrepancies are promptly addressed, with solutions implemented to adhere to regulatory standards.

Custom EDI Solutions

At HIPAA Vault, we understand that every healthcare organization is unique. That’s why we offer custom EDI solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our team of specialists can design and develop custom EDI solutions for the unique challenges your organization may encounter.

Case Study

A prominent university found itself faced with the challenge of managing a large database containing information about students, employees, and postdocs. The university had managed to extract a subset of this vast sea of data, specifically focusing on details pertaining to individuals and families eligible for enrollment in a dental plan. This data, in CSV format, needed to be converted into a standardized EDI 834 document format and securely transmitted to their dental provider.

Converting this data to the EDI 834 format prior to transmission was essential because EDI 834 is the standard format adopted by the healthcare industry for benefits enrollment and maintenance. This format ensures there’s consistency in the way data is structured and presented across different healthcare organizations. Moreover, converting data to the EDI 834 format was essential to the university’s data security during transmission, which is crucial for maintaining HIPAA compliance and safeguarding sensitive healthcare information.

The HIPAA Vault team leveraged our expertise in EDI compliance and data conversion to help the university with the required data conversion. One of our experienced Software Engineers created a custom script to convert the university’s CSV file into the appropriate EDI 834 format, maintaining the integrity and security of the sensitive data throughout the process.

Encouraged by the success of this project, the university and HIPAA Vault have entered into discussions to create a similar system for the university’s vision insurance carrier, further expanding the footprint of EDI solutions in healthcare data management. This case validates HIPAA Vault’s commitment to providing tailored, HIPAA-compliant EDI solutions that meet unique client needs and contribute to enhanced patient care.

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