HIPAA Vault is here to help you take full advantage of
Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology.

Our certified technicians provide expertise in both healthcare and compliance, ensuring your enterprise cloud solution grants maximum security at an affordable cost. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for unparalleled protection – partner with us today!



Managed scans at the organizational level provide superior enterprise vulnerability detection and mitigation, designed to meet HIPAA security and compliance requirements.


HIPAA Vault’s cloud practitioners provide best-in-class class architecture framework and design guidance for optimizing enterprise cloud applications and workloads.

Identity and
Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) applies enterprise-grade access controls with built-in auditing capabilities to your strategic resources and projects.

OS Patch

OS Patch Management provides periodic operating system patches to protect long running Compute Engine VM instances (VMs) against vulnerabilities.


HIPAA Vault offers enterprise-grade service level agreements for a full life cycle of cloud services, including consultation, migration, modernization, and 24x7x365 proactive technical support.

Managed Services

Kubernetes (K8s)

HIPAA Vault modernizes traditional applications by migrating critical applications from virtual machines to containers, and employing Kubernetes to choreograph these enterprise-level containerized solutions from a single interface in various cloud deployments.

Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer is a fully-managed and integrated workflow orchestration tool, enabling you to author, schedule, and monitor your workflow pipeline rather than focus on provisioning resources

Cloud Logging

Cloud Logging enables deep visibility and troubleshooting of issues across all your services, supporting HIPAA compliance through fully-managed, real-time log management.

Cloud Run

Cloud Run enables the building and deployment of scalable, containerized apps in any language (including Go, Python, Java, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby) – all on a fully-managed platform.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL supports business continuity and HIPAA compliance by automatically ensuring enterprise databases are highly available and secure. Allows for configuration and automation of backups, replication, and encryption patches.

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions allows you to deploy your code and achieve end-to-end solutions and complex workflows, while we handle the infrastructure. Enables rapid movement from concept to production.

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing supports HIPAA data availability by allowing your enterprise applications to gracefully handle traffic increases, while reducing your costs as resource needs decrease.

API Gateway

A fully managed, easy to use gateway with built-in mechanisms for authentication and key validation, API Gateway provides monitoring, alerts, logging, and tracing services to protect your services published online.

Apigee API Management

Apigee’s Advanced API Security capabilities promotes HIPAA compliance by identifying API misconfigurations and anomalous traffic. Allows enterprise IT teams to build, scale, and monetize APIs that unlock data from any application, system, or service.


BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse with built-in machine learning to work across clouds and scale with your data, enabling machine learning models to be built and operationalized.


Bigtable is an enterprise-grade, NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads, allowing you to build responsive applications that seamlessly scale. Supports HIPAA compliance by ensuring high availability with multi-primary replication in up to 8 regions.

Compute Engine

A secure and customizable compute service that enables the creation of virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure with optimal amounts of vCPU and memory while reducing your computing costs by up to 91%.

Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Managed Microsoft Active Directory supports HIPAA compliance by offering high-availability, AD domains that are hardened and hosted in the Google Cloud.

Import / Migration

VMware Engine

VMware-based applications and enterprise workloads can easily be shifted to Google Cloud’s high performance, scalable infrastructure, without altering apps, tools, or processes. 99.99% availability supports HIPAA compliance requirements for high availability of data.

Import/export VMware

Save valuable time by importing virtual disks containing software and configurations from your on-premises environment into Compute Engine to create virtual machines from the resulting image.

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