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We are your trusted partner for enterprise-grade, fully managed HIPAA-compliant web hosting solution

HIPAA Vault guarantees the security and confidentiality of your PHI while providing the convenience and scalability of cloud computing. From our advanced Kubernetes services to our managed hosting offerings, we are equipped to handle all your enterprise cloud hosting needs.

“HIPAA Vault provides the security solutions practitioners, developers, and enterprises need to safeguard private medical data from costly exposure.” 

Christine Preusler
Web Developer

Secure Your Healthcare Data, Elevate Compliance with HIPAA Vault’s Suite of Compliance Services

From vulnerability detection to ongoing support, HIPAA Vault empowers healthcare organizations and enterprises with comprehensive security and compliance solutions.

Expose & Address Compliance Vulnerabilities

Ensure the security of your data with a proactive approach! When it comes to your HIPAA-compliant hosting provider, don’t just settle for the basics – ask the right questions to guarantee comprehensive protection. Are they conducting regular scans, both from the outside and inside of the network? Was the scan completed within the last 30 days?

Hipaa Vault Managed scans at the organizational level provide superior enterprise vulnerability detection and mitigation, designed to meet HIPAA security and compliance requirements.

Unwavering HIPAA Compliance with Ongoing Guidance

HIPAA compliance is a journey. Ensuring that your data stays secure and compliant along its journey, however, is a complex undertaking. In the face of malicious attackers who are always ready to ransom or steal, cutting-edge security technology that includes 24/7 protection is a must. It’s great to know that you’ve got a trusted traveling companion in HIPAA Vault!

HIPAA Vault’s cloud practitioners provide best-in-class architecture framework and design guidance for optimizing enterprise cloud applications and workloads.

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Empower Access, Secure Your Healthcare Ecosystem

Identity and Access Management (IAM) applies enterprise-grade access controls with built-in auditing capabilities for your strategic resources and projects. HIPAA Vault’s Zero Trust approach to security is present in all of our HIPAA-compliant solutions. From our secure hosting to compliant WordPress and email, we design-in features like access controls and two-factor authentication.

End-to-end encryption, intrusion detection, and 24/7 scanning and blocking add to our multi-layered approach designed to “trust no one” but approved and authenticated users.

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Don’t Let Patches Procrastinate: Automate Security & Compliance

Operating System Patch Management provides periodic patches to protect long-running Compute Engine VM instances (VMs) against vulnerabilities. An experienced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) – particularly one who has proven HIPAA expertise for healthcare like HIPAA Vault – can play a strategic, partnering role.

Your dedicated MSSP provides the latest security patches to operating systems – necessary to preserve the integrity and availability of PHI. An MSSP will be on the “front line” on your behalf, helping prevent the possibility of a costly data breach.

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From Simple to Complex, We Provide Expert Support for All Your Cloud Needs

HIPAA Vault’s managed services include lightning-fast response times for critical alerts, and 90% first call resolution. Our IT professionals manage all aspects, from general support to advanced tasks like firewall configurations and system monitoring. Trust us for comprehensive IT solutions.

HIPAA Vault offers enterprise-grade service level agreements for a full life cycle of cloud services, including consultation, migration, modernization, and 24x7x365 proactive technical support.

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We’re laser-eyed on one mission: impenetrable HIPAA compliance

Gil Vidals started Etica Inc. DBA HIPAA Vault in 1997 with the mission of providing uncompromising and affordable HIPAA compliant hosting combined with world-class customer-service and 24/7 technical support.

Today, HIPAA Vault leads the way as a secure cloud provider. Choosing HIPAA Vault is choosing peace of mind. It’s knowing your sensitive data is in the hands of relentless protectors, not juggling vendors with divided attention. We’re the fortress in the healthcare cloud, standing guard 24/7, 365.

Modernize, Monitor, Manage: Streamline Your HIPAA Compliance Journey with Google Cloud & HIPAA Vault

From Containers to Databases, APIs to Analytics: Secure Your PHI Across the Cloud with HIPAA Vault. Explore the ways in which we leverage cloud technologies to safeguard your healthcare data.

Kubernetes (K8s)

Leverages Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized apps across diverse cloud environments.

Cloud Composer

Cloud-based workflow orchestration: Simplify and manage complex pipelines efficiently.

Cloud Logging

Enhance HIPAA compliance with Cloud Logging: real-time, fully-managed log management for deep troubleshooting.

Cloud Run

Build scalable containerized apps in any language on Cloud Run’s fully-managed platform.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL ensures HIPAA-compliance and business continuity with automated secure database management.

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions deploy code for end-to-end solutions, enabling rapid concept-to-production movement.

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing ensures HIPAA data availability, adapting to traffic changes efficiently.

API Gateway

Managed gateway for authentication, key validation, and robust online service protection.

Apigee API Management

Apigee ensures HIPAA compliance via advanced API security for misconfigurations and anomalous traffic.


Cloud-based workflow orchestration: Simplify and manage complex pipelines efficiently.


Leverages Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized apps across diverse cloud environments.

Computed Engine

Leverages Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized apps across diverse cloud environments.

Apigee API Management

Leverages Kubernetes to orchestrate containerized apps across diverse cloud environments.

Securely Migrate, Seamlessly Integrate

Unlock the full potential of your enterprise with HIPAA Vault’s range of managed services. From load balancing to API Gateway and Apigee API management, we provide robust online service protection. As your trusted partner in HIPAA compliance hosting, we offer world-class solutions designed for healthcare and enterprise data management, ensuring security, compliance, and exceptional customer service.

VMWare Engine

HIPAA-ready Transformation: Seamlessly move & scale VMware workloads to Google Cloud.

Import/Export VM Ware

Import virtual disks, save time: create Compute Engine machines from on-premises configurations.

By reducing the complexity of maintaining your cloud environment, we’ll help free up your time to work on the bigger picture.

One of our experts will be in touch by phone or email within 24 hours. Looking forward to speaking with you!

Celebrating Real Stories of HIPAA Security Success

Big or small, our IT pros deliver ironclad HIPAA compliance.

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