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HIPAA Vault’s user-friendly solution for HIPAA Compliant Email brings simplicity and reliability to subscribers and their recipients, integrating seamlessly with existing email infrastructures. Encryption is the process of “disguising” email content to make it unreadable, not only in transit, but all the way to the recipients inbox. This involves an encrypted network connection to make it secure, and encrypting the email message itself before it leaves the sender’s inbox. Once transport encryption rules are set up, users simply compose emails as usual, with full confidence that sensitive, protected health information (PHI) is secured. Encrypted emails are then delivered, in ciphertext, directly to the recipient’s inbox without the need for installation of client software. Recipients access the decrypted message simply by signing in to their account.

Exchange Online Archiving provides the retention policy so that even deleted emails can be retrieved later as needed, in order to comply with HIPAA regulations for consistently accessing PHI data. Similarly, Azure Information Protection integrates with Office 365 to provide labels, or visual markings of metadata embedded in an email header or footer. This ensures that email services that include data loss prevention solutions can identify the classification, and create an audit entry or take other appropriate action.

Managed Services are standard with Office 365 Message Encryption, with less-than-15 minute response times for critical alerts, and 90% first call resolution. Our dedicated IT professionals handle everything from general support questions and maintenance, to more complex technical issues (see below). This can result in reduced operating costs, while giving you the latest in security updates and compliance.

Healthcare professional email
  1. HIPAA Vault’s email service requires a registered domain name (e.g. @yourcompanyname.com), not a @yahoo/gmail/outlook.com domain, this will not work! If you do not own a domain, we can register one for you for $24.99/year.
  2. HIPAA Vault will host all active email addresses on a given domain. In other words, HIPAA Vault will become the email provider for all email addresses under your chosen domain.

For more information, check out our blog post on Securing PHI with HIPAA Compliant Email Solutions. 

Plan includes

  • 100 GB Mailbox per Account
  • Attachments up to 150MB per Message
  • Unlimited Archive Storage
  • In-Place Hold to Preserve Mailbox Items
  • DLP Controls for Regulatory Standards
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware
  • Shared Calendar & Contacts
  • Inbox Management Controls
  • Supports Outlook, 3rd Party Clients, & Web-based Clients
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

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