Data Center Redundancy

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Many colocation companies claim to ave state-of-the-art facilities. No short cuts were taken in building the data centers at HIPAA Vault. In particular, our San Diego data center is best in class and equal to or better than other facilities.


  • Camera with remote door release at all facility entrances – only authorized personnel are allowed to enter
  • Biometric palm scanners at man trap entrance
  • Card access control at all interior doors
  • 24/7/365 on-site security staff
  • 24/7/365 intrusion detection monitoring
  • Digital surveillance cameras with 30 days storage on all main data center areas
  • All customer equipment is registered and can only be removed by authorized personnel

DC Power Systems

  • N+1 redundancy in all systems
  • Two 3000 amp units, -48 volt DC Power
  • Dual DC plants with redundant “A” and “B” circuits provided to POP, Meet me Room and colocation areas
  • AGM batteries providing backup power

AC Power Systems

  • N+1 redundancy in all systems
  • 4 Powerware 500KW Parallel redundant UPSs utilizing Hot Sync technology
  • Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries providing a minimum of 15 minutes backup at full load
  • Dual AC power available for POP, Meet me Room and colocation areas
  • 4000 amps of 480 Volt AC Power Conditioners, stepping down to 208/120 Volts for customer use at 225 Amp Remote Panels


  • Two Megawatt Caterpillar Generator sized to run entire site at full load for a minimum of 30 hours without refueling, hot refuel capability
  • Dual Automatic Transfer breakers and bypass/isolation switches provide N+1 redundancy for dual source power capability
  • 24 x 7 maintenance contract
  • Electrical connections for roll-up generator and load banks


  • Full data-grade HVAC system with N+1 redundancy
  • Triple, redundant 290 ton Trane chillers with redundant pumps
  • 72 degree ambient air temperature (+/-2 degrees)
  • 870 tons of computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units , (2) 40 ton CRAC units, (8) 30 ton CRAC units, (2) 11 ton CRAC units and (10) 21 ton CRAC units
  • New Tridium state-of-the-art software system for monitoring Chiller plant status

Fire Protection

  • Dry-pipe, pre-action double interlock fire suppression system
  • Both smoke and high temperature heat detectors
  • Zone specific discharge
  • Early warning VESDA fire detection systems


  • DataTrax facility monitoring of Power, HVAC, Security, Fire, Leak Detection and Hydrogen Detection Systems
  • Network monitoring by NMS which monitors all network and customer connections
  • Systems is monitored on-site 24/7/365

Racks, Cabinets & Cages

  • 24″W x 37″D x 84″H locking colocation cabinets with 19″ mounting rails
  • 24″W x 37″D x 105″H locking colocation cabinets with 19″ mounting rails
  • 30″W x 37″D x 84″H locking colocation cabinets with 23″ mounting rails
  • Quarter, third and half cabinets with 19″ mounting rails
  • Open 19″ and 23″ racks in POP and Meet Me Room
  • 10′ x 12′ locking chain link cage space (120 square feet)
  • Custom cages built to customers specifications
  • Private space / larger square footage plans available