HIPAA Compliant RDP Server

The ability to work remotely has presented increased challenges to security. Out-of-the-box, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) software is not inherently HIPAA compliant, and should not be used to handle sensitive PHI. This is especially so for customers who require HIPAA compliance. Now HIPAA Vault is providing a secure solution for working remotely, with HIPAA compliant, Windows RDP Server. Users in multiple locations simply login through a virtual private network (VPN) and a local interface on their computer and are connected through an encrypted channel to a centralized file management system to securely store and access PHI. The specially configured, RDP server utilizes secure ports to encrypt data, both in transit and at rest, without the troublesome latency issues caused by heavy network traffic.

HIPAA Vault’ Secure Windows RDP Server provides:

  • Centralized file management and security
  • Low latency when accessing data
  • Secure access to ePHI, with secured ports
  • Encrypted data in-transit and at-rest

Details and Features:

HIPAA Vault’ Secure RDP Server provides a secure, HIPAA compliant solution for accessing PHI. Ideal for remote workers and multiple development teams, Windows RDP Server protects your data in a centralized and encrypted server, with the benefit of HIPAA Vault managed security and sophisticated system monitoring. Remote user access and administrative rights to sensitive PHI is determined on an as-needed basis, thus mitigating risk. HIPAA Vault’ Windows RDP Server is maintained 24/7/365 by our expert team of engineers, with the benefits of ongoing OS security patches and upgrades, multi-faceted managed firewalls, HIDS/NIDS, advanced security rules, and log analysis, including tracking and logging of remote user logins.