Managed Cloud Load Balancer

If your web application requires high availability or scalability, then HIPAA Vault’s Managed Cloud Load Balancer is the right choice for you. As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), HIPAA Vault will ensure that your web application will run across multiple data centers, while maintaining optimal speed and performance. You’ll sleep better at night knowing all is well with your critical web applications.

Challenge of Load Balancing

As your enterprise becomes more successful, the number of concurrent users hitting your app rises and burdens the servers, leading to a degradation of performance. As a result, your clients begin to complain that your app is slow and laggy.

In a load balanced environment, scalability, performance, and maximum uptime are ensured, as the load balancer effectively monitors the requests across a number of servers in different data centers. Utilizing a series of algorithms to test for performance, application health is monitored, and traffic is distributed away from the burdened server and re-routed to servers more capable of fulfilling the requests. In this manner, speed and capacity are optimized, and performance maintained. If an app server should go down, the web app continues to run on a healthy app server in the same or different data center.

Servers are spun up and down as the demand grows and shrinks in order to maintain an optimal balance of performance and cost. When there is a spike in traffic, more app servers are spun up and as the load dies down, the app servers are destroyed seamlessly.

  • Highly Scalable Cloud Infrastructure adjusting to changing system needs
  • High Availability and Reliability across multiple data centers
  • Dynamically Replicates & Destroys Servers as the demand fluctuates
  • Fully Managed with HIPAA Vault experts
  • Critical Security Technologies, including encryption, Anti-DDoS, and WAF for advanced data protection
SQL Replicas

Your SQL database is also replicated across multiple data centers and is set up for speed and performance to make your app snappy and responsive. The replica ensures that if a data center goes offline, your app will continue to work using the failover replica in a different data center. One failover replica can be configured per master SQL DB.

However, multiple read replicas can be configured as needed for offloading read transactions and enhancing performance. After a failover event occurs, the failover replica becomes the master and new a Cloud SQL instance is spun up to become a new replica.

Advanced Access Protection & Security

The load balancer uses HTTPS protocol to communicate with end users and back end systems, so that data in motion is protected with encryption. In addition, the load balancers incorporate anti-DDoS measures to thwart attackers. The load balancer will effectively block attacks such as SYN floods, port exhaustion, & IP fragment floods.

Further, HIPAA Vault security measures call for sending public traffic through a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in order to inspect URLs and payloads. If the WAF detects anomalous traffic patterns, the culprit’s access is blocked. The diagram below shows the WAFs that will filter the traffic and mitigate attackers.

Staging Server & Steamroll Process

HIPAA Vault has included a user friendly utility to deploy the app to the load balancer. The app lives on a staging server, which the DevOps team uses for testing and updating the app. When the DevOps team has decided to push an update into production, an orchestration utility is easily accessible to the DevOps team that is exclusively used to “steamroll” the update to the cloud load balancer. Refer to the diagram below.

Common Use Cases
  • Zero recovery time objective
  • High volume medical testing processor
  • Mortgage processing
  • High traffic sites
  • Sites with e-commerce systems
  • Social media and networking.
Regulatory Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • HITECH Omnibus
  • SSAE 16 SOC 1/2/3 Type II
  • NIST 800-53
Included Servers

Your plan dynamically expands from 3-6 servers depending on demand and comes with the following types of servers:

Web Server
Staging Server
Development Server
Load Balancing Server
Pricing Options

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