Protecting your servers from the latest vulnerabilities is essential to maintaining the security of patient health data. In fact, HIPAA Security Standard §164.304 requires that the appropriate technology procedures be in place to protect ePHI and control access to it. But the costs of applying ongoing security patches and updates can be significant. Costly server reboots may lead to significant service interruptions, downtime, and headaches for system administrators.

HIPAA Vault meets these challenges with Bootless Kernel Updates, providing:

  • The latest security patches, installed continuously, safely, and automatically
  • Seamless loading of updates, avoiding reboots and costly downtimes
  • No administrative intervention required, saving your system administrator’s time
  • 24/7 monitoring by our team of administrators, providing peace of mind

HIPAA Vault Bootless Kernel Updates monitors the availability of new security updates daily. When the code for a new security patch is compiled, HIPAA Vault ensures the safe switching of the execution path from the original to the updated code, seamlessly applying the code modifications to the running kernel. Vulnerabilities are instantly eliminated from your system.

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