Custom IP Reputation

An Internet Protocol (IP) Address Is A Unique, Network Identifier For The Transmission Of Data.

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But whenever multiple companies share IP addresses, (for shared email streams, for example) one sender’s negative practices can impact another’s good reputation. This negative history not only compromises the company’s brand, but the security of those it serves. A dedicated IP address is therefore essential, not only to protect a company’s reputation, but the ongoing trust of its clients. HIPAA Vault’s Managed Security Services provides a secure, HIPAA compliant solution, assigning a customized IP address to isolated servers for each client. Clients receive the benefit of advanced monitoring and full reputation control, while assuring data integrity on behalf of their customers.

HIPAA Vault’ Custom IP Reputation meets HIPAA compliant hosting requirements, providing:

  • A dedicated IP Address and Web Server, ensuring secure transmission of PHI
  • A dedicated WAF (Web Application Firewall) Server, securing protection against vulnerabilities
  • A dedicated Database Server, housed in HIPAA Vault’ Secure Data Center
  • A managed security environment, with the lowest costs in the HIPAA hosting industry

HIPAA Vault’s Custom IP Reputation ensures that data is stored in cloud-based, private servers, with no IP sharing or latency issues due to high traffic loads. Engineering and administrative services are proactive and completely managed, with continuous monitoring of system infrastructure and events.