Server Hardening

HIPAA Vault’s Server Hardening Provides A Secure, HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solution, Designed To Protect Against Today’s Increasingly Sophisticated Cyber Attacks.

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Server Hardening

HIPAA security rules require the implementation of policies to safeguard the storage and transmission of electronic protected health information (ePHI). But non-hardened servers (servers with a lower ability to resist vulnerabilities) are insufficient to protect against the continually evolving vulnerabilities aimed at compromising your sensitive data. With HIPAA Vault’s Server Hardening expertise, each customer’s environment is protected by a custom, multi-layered security approach, overseen by our team of trained system administrators and network engineers. HIPAA compliance policies are fully met through an array of powerful tools, including: data encryption, secure protocols, automated security patches, real-time updates, strong password enforcement, ongoing advanced monitoring, and managed security.

HIPAA Vault’s Server Hardening provides:

  • Isolated/Segmented systems housed within a secure data center facility
  • 24x7x365 awareness and alerts/notifications maintained by our expert team of engineers
  • Enterprise-grade monitoring tools, customized for each of our customer’s unique configurations
  • Software updates and services without the need for new subscriptions or costly maintenance fees

HIPAA Vault’s multi-layered, server hardening services are designed to bring you peace of mind, freeing you to concentrate on your business. We bring to bear an arsenal of state-of-the-art server hardening tools to protect against all known attack vectors. Ongoing OS security patches and upgrades, Anti-DDoS Management, Custom IP Reputation, Host-based Intrusion Detection, HIDS/NIDS, Advanced Security Rules, and Log Analysis all work together to thwart potential threats. Your data remains continually protected in a secure, encrypted server, protected by our multi-faceted, managed firewalls including standard, local, and web application firewalls.  Unnecessary server software and applications are removed, and user access to sensitive PHI is determined on an as-needed basis, thus mitigating risk. Ongoing, managed security and sophisticated system monitoring is leveraged to provide greater security and peace of mind.

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