Traditional firewalls operate at the network layer, and are limited in the kinds of applications and protocols they can detect. Hackers and malicious attacks can effectively compromise vital systems, breaching the confidentiality of sensitive data and PHI. With HIPAA Vault HIPAA Compliant Web Application Firewall (WAF), all traffic flowing to and from the cloud-based servers is assessed by an arsenal of powerful tools, designed to detect and ex-filtrate the exploits that threaten server security. In addition, skilled administrators provide continuous, comprehensive monitoring of vulnerabilities, applying real-time security patches to obstruct the processing of harmful data.

HIPAA Vault HIPAA Compliant Web Application Firewall provides the ability to:

  • Leverage advanced filtering technology, harnessing the power of proactive detection and blocking
  • Construct secure infrastructures for each client, avoiding the risks inherent in shared environments
  • Customize security access and exclusions as needed, according to each client’s unique needs
  • Allow security patching by our expert team of engineers, without costly downtimes

Details and Features:

HIPAA Vault’ HIPAA Compliant Web Application Firewall facilitates cloud-based server security as part of a multi-layered approach for protecting against vulnerabilities. Through access control, data encryption, and customized monitoring policies, web servers containing sensitive PHI data are protected from harmful applications (such as SQL Injections, Buffer Overflow, Cross Site Scripting, and File Inclusion), which are logged, assessed, and then mitigated. 24/7 monitoring provides continual, expert oversight, allowing real-time security configurations to be applied and vital server security to be maintained.

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