In this episode of the HIPAA Vault Podcast, we delve into the intricate workings of the HIPAA Vault Channel Partnership Program. We explore various aspects such as the discount structures for resellers, prerequisites for availing these discounts, and the intricacies of the referral program. Additionally, we discuss the commission incentives for different HIPAA Vault products, the comprehensive support HIPAA Vault extends to its channel partners, and a sneak peek into the future enhancements planned for the program. This episode provides valuable insights for current and prospective partners, highlighting the benefits and opportunities within the HIPAA Vault ecosystem.


Hello and welcome to the HIPAA Vault show where we discuss all things HIPAA compliance and cloud technology. This will be our last episode of 2023. We’ve had a great year. We hope you have as well. Before we get started today on our topic, please subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in learning more about HIPAA compliance in terms of the latest in updates on HIPAA and cloud technology in 2024. Also drop us a like and leave us a comment. What are your anticipations for 2024 when it comes to HIPAA and cloud technology? Today on this episode, we are going to be talking about our channel partnership program. 

We really value our channel partners and we have onboarded many more channel partners in 2023 and we have continued to provide them with the HIPAA compliant solutions that they need in order to get the job done. So what we thought we’d do today is answer a couple of questions that are frequently asked about the channel Partner program. So let’s get stuck into it. The vast majority of our channel partners are working with healthcare entities to deliver digital products, and what that usually looks like is digital marketing agencies that are maybe tasked with developing websites and online content for healthcare organizations. It could also be custom software houses that are being tasked with delivering web applications for healthcare companies. So they’re the two main types, I would say, of partner that we work with. What is the HIPAA Vault channel Partnership program? 

Well, the HIPAA Vault Channel Partnership program is designed to incentivize and support two main types of channel partners, resellers and affiliates who wish to offer HIPAA compliant and HIPAA vault services. This program includes discounts on services and commission incentives for partners who facilitate sales to these clients. So as I said, there’s two main types of channel partners. There’s resellers and there’s affiliates. And the way that the discount structures work depends on the nature of the channel partnership relationship. So for the discount structures for resellers receive varying discounts depending on the number of subscribers that they have. For HIPAA Vault hosting service, for example, discounts range anywhere between ten to 18% off the MSRP for a specific product, and it varies by product details. 

And we have a channel partner agreement that kind of outlines that, which we’ll be happy to share with you if you haven’t already signed it. Definitely take a look at that. You can reach out to us at and we can send you that channel partner agreement. So the discounts for resellers vary based on the product in terms of prerequisites for resellers, first of all, to get identified as a reseller to avail the discounts, the prerequisite is that the reseller must be providing some sort of frontline support to the customers and have signed a contract with HIPAA vault. So the way that works in terms of HIPAA is we will sign a business associate agreement with the reseller in this case, and the reseller will have a business associate agreement in place with their customers. The second type of channel partner is an affiliate. 

So affiliates refer leads to hip lot at our partner portal or just by shooting us an email or upcoming in 2024 they’re going to be able to use affiliate links and then the affiliate receives commission incentives based on the product type and the plan, with varying rates for different types of commitment plans, month to month, annual, et cetera. So with affiliates, it’s not necessarily a discount, it’s more of a commission based incentive, and the commissions range from anywhere between 30% to 75%. And in terms of frequency, that varies based on the plan, like how often you get the commission depends on how long the commitment from the client is. HIpvault provides resources, training and support to ensure that the partners are well equipped to sell and support all the products. This includes access to detailed product information and sales strategies. 

When it comes to, for example, digital agencies, we focus on supporting the digital agency and everything they require when it comes to HIPAA compliance and everything they require in terms of questions that the clients might have with regards to HIPAA compliance and security. So facilitating, for example, assistance with security vulnerability assessments, security questionnaires related to HIPAA that relates to the hosting and infrastructure portion of whether it’s the website or the web application. So we work with our partners to facilitate all answers to those questions in terms of future enhancements for the channel Partner program. As I mentioned, there’s the upcoming feature, which is the ability for affiliates to make purchases directly on the Hipvault website using an affiliate link. 

This feature is expected to be rolled out in 2024 and we’re really excited about that because it’s going to give our partners a lot more flexibility and it’s going to make it a lot easier for partners to market the HIPAA compliant solutions partners having a landing page that says here are stunning services, and if you need HIPAA compliance, we can also provide that the affiliate link is going to really help streamline that and scale it. So that’s it for the discussion with regards to channel partners and for this week’s episode of the Hipavault thank you for joining us into this deep dive into the channel partner agreement. We hope this session has been informative for potential partners and also current partners. 

For more details and if you’re looking to join the partner program, please do visit the HIPAA Vault you can also reach us directly by email and let us know what questions you have. And we can also shoot out that channel partner agreement to you. Stay tuned for more insights on healthcare technology in 2024, and happy New Year.