KernelCare is a new great service, which provides important updates for the running kernel, eliminating the need to reboot Linux servers. Rebootless kernel updates can save a significant amount of system administrators’ time, decrease downtime and improve server security.

KernelCare features:
  • Installation is simple, and doesn’t require rebooting
  • Prompt roll out of patches
  • Support for most popular operating systems
  • No impact on performance
  • Ability to roll back changes
  • 24/7 support

Today, system administrators have to reboot the server to apply the latest kernel updates. Those updates are needed to prevent security issues. Yet, due to downtime associated with rebooting, such updates are often delayed – and pushed into the darkest hours of night. It is quite common for many servers not to be updated for months, or even years, and run with vulnerabilities to avoid downtime. Managed service providers face a problem where they have to schedule downtime, update and reboot thousands of servers in a short period of time – creating a strain on resources. KernelCare solves this update and reboot issue, by providing live kernel patching, without the need for rebooting.

KernelCare technology can generate binary patches for some very complex kernel changes, including changes in kernel modules and kernel data structures. It can patch pretty much any kernel level vulnerability, so that server operators no longer have to think about kernel updates.

Use KernelCare:
  • Save Time
  • Avoid Downtime
  • Prevent Security Incidents