Immediate access to data is essential for enterprises to maintain competitive edge. The Predictive Flash Platform combines flash storage with predictive analytics to deliver data velocity.

  • 125,000 IOPS for CS700
  • 90,000 IOPS for CS500
  • 30,000 IOPS for CS300
  • 18,000 IOPS for CS215/210
  • All Flash Shelf to even go faster!

Provides enough performance to grow into. You have performance for your existing Databases(SQL) as well as the ability to add VMWare, VDI without having to purchase another solution or more disk for performance

Maintain 8,000 – 10,000 + snap shots online without the need to purchase additional capacity to maintain the snap shots/backups. Provides 30, 60, 90 days + of onsite on disk retention-

Near continuous data protection (ability to snap every 5 minutes and maintain the snap shots) – improve RPO/ RTO’s – recovery time/ recovery point objectives

Built in DR – efficient replication / bandwidth friendly

Inline Compression of the data provides more effective capacity. Typically 1.5 – 2x additional capacity depending on the data type.

Efficiency – Nimble Arrays are 3u, 16 drives and only 500 or 550 watts of power

Scalability. Nimble is THE ONLY Storage provider that allows for 3 simple and cost effective ways to scale/ grow- capacity and performance

Scalability. Triple Parity Raid Protection

Proactive monitoring of your Nimble array via 5 minute heartbeats and daily Autosupports to Technical Support. We will know of an issue before you are aware of them.

Zero-Copy Clones – Create multiple copies of data (copy of the Volume) for presentation to host and applications without impacting performance or capacity. This feature is used many times to present a copy of a database for reporting purposes without impacting the production database performance. This can actually enhance the performance because reports can be performed from the cloned copy instead of production database.