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When a maintenance light pops on in your car, you’re reminded to take action – lest you find yourself stranded on the road or involved in a serious accident.

In the same way, shining a light on all risks to electronic protected health data (ePHI) helps you avoid costly and devastating breaches of sensitive data. Ultimately – like the passengers in your car – the welfare of patients is at stake.

So begin by asking these questions, derived from the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule (see healthit.gov):

Have we as an organization…

  • identified the scope of the analysis? (Current vs required portability, storage and accessibility of ePHI)
  • identified and documented potential threats and vulnerabilities?
  • assessed current security measures?
  • determined the likelihood and potential impact of threat occurrence?
  • determined the level of risk?
  • identified security measures and finalized documentation?

That’s just a start. Remember that HIPAA compliance depends on addressing risks regularly as part of a consistent and dynamic security culture.

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