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Google’s Enhanced Suite Of Productivity Apps For Businesses

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In today’s world, collaborative tools that promote streamlined, efficient business processes are the gold standard for productivity. G Suite Business adds the following enhanced features to Google’s familiar suite of productivity apps – including Docs, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, and Hangouts:

  • Unlimited Storage for Gmail messages, Google Photos, and files in Drive for each user (4 or fewer users get 1 TB of storage each). HIPAA Compliant Gmail available here.
  • Google Cloud Search enables searching for company content across Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and your other G Suite services; assist cards provide useful information and suggestions
  • Shared drives, allowing for team access to files instead of individuals only
  • Administrator controls provide advanced reporting and alert capabilities, including:
    • archiving with Vault, to retain, archive, search, and export your company’s data for eDiscovery and compliance needs
    • advanced Drive enables audit reporting, custom alerts, APIs
    • Mobile audits and Drive activity alerts, notifying you when a drive is compromised or documents are shared outside your domain
    • security keys to deploy and monitor for your organization
  • Additional policy controls for restricting tasks to specific users, based on your preferred organizational units; sync Drive files with local files on their computer
  • Share Drive and Docs editors files to anyone, or only those on whitelisted domains outside your organization
  • Use Docs editors offline Open files in third-party web apps from the Chrome Web Store
  • Use Docs add-ons built by third-party developers

GSuite Business