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HIPAA Vault is proud to partner with Akos MD, a pioneer in telemedicine and virtual consults for the healthcare industry.

  • Client : Kishlay Anand, MD
  • Category : Case Study
  • Date : 28 January 21
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Project Info

HIPAA Vault is proud to partner with Akos MD, a pioneer in telemedicine and virtual consults for the healthcare industry, providing secure, HIPAA compliant hosting and managed security services in support of Akos’ artificial intelligence-based health clinics. Conveniently located in Safeway Inc.’s grocery stores, these specialized health clinics allow patients to be treated for conditions commonly addressed in a traditional urgent care center. Akos provides diagnostic and lab capabilities beyond traditional telemedicine apps, such as collecting temperature, blood pressure, images, and other routine tasks that can be handled by patients themselves with the aid of technology.


While pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens have had health clinics for years, many of these retailers have struggled to maintain them due to the high costs of operating a medical service. With Akos, physicians and nurse practitioners provide on-demand virtual consultations remotely, which allows them to care for patients at several clinics. The combined power of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and telemedicine allows these important medical services to continue effectively and efficiently, since operating costs are significantly lowered.


The Akos-developed application uses an AI algorithm to prompt patients through a series of questions, based on their previous responses. A medical assistant/phlebotomist is available to assist with taking blood and urine samples if needed, and also to clean the diagnostic equipment after every use. The check-up ends with a consult with an off-site doctor for a diagnosis, prescription, or referral to another provider – all conducted through a computer screen.


“The AI collects everything the provider needs to make a diagnosis,” said Kishlay Anand, MD, Founder and CEO of Akos Med MD. “We can support the most common ailments or injuries that do not require a physical examination by a provider, such as a fracture. About 80% of the patient flow can be supported through this system.” HIPAA Vault’s highly scalable and secure infrastructure is well-suited to accommodate Akos’ growth moving forward. Currently operating in 11 stores in Arizona, Akos intends to expand to 3,000 automated clinics in 14 states by the end of next year.


Akos at: 1-844-900-AKOS;
HIPAA Vault at: 760-290-3460