Customer Evolution – HIPAA Vault Case Study
Project Info

Navigating today’s complex healthcare system can be challenging. Historically, the burden has fallen to consumers

Navigating today’s complex healthcare system can be challenging. Historically, the burden has fallen to consumers to find their way through the maze, with “single-point solutions” creating an essentially disconnected care journey. Whether it’s finding a physician, scheduling appointments, or managing follow-up care, this approach has tended to produce less-than-satisfactory outcomes and patient experiences. This is where Customer Evolution plays an important role.

The Challenge

Customer Evolution is convinced that the same kinds of quality, consumer experiences that exist in non-healthcare markets – such as when applying for a mortgage or buying a car – should also exist in healthcare. A cutting-edge, healthcare services innovator, their mission has been “to bring that knowledge into healthcare and help organizations establish a different consumer-patient relationship than in the past, through a number of proven methods and technologies,” says CEO Rich Phillips. HIPAA Vault is helping Customer Evolution address these challenges by securing their unique, interactive, web-based applications, in a fully-managed, HIPAA cloud environment.


Customer Evolution’s technology-based solutions are successfully addressing the key phases of health system engagement – from the initiation of the first encounter, to fostering physician-to-physician relationships, to chronic care management and the referral process. With HIPAA Vault secure, linux-based HIPAA solution, they can have the peace of mind that their protected health information is safe from data breaches, threats, and security vulnerabilities, and can scale as the environment grows.


Customer Evolution’s solutions are helping to “transform the healthcare industry, and people to become and remain healthier,“ says Phillips. “We have enjoyed great success in sharing these principles with our clients, and most of them are actively moving through transformation roadmaps to build these capabilities over a planned horizon.” HIPAA Vault’ team of dedicated professionals is proud to support Customer Evolution on the journey, providing 24/7/365 maintenance and technical support.

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