PatientlySpeaking – A HIPAA Vault Case Study
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Since 2016, HIPAA Vault has been proud to partner with PatientlySpeaking, a Robotic Process Automation

Since 2016, HIPAA Vault has been proud to partner with PatientlySpeaking, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform company offering automated solutions to practice management and electronic health record systems. HIPAA Vault provides PatientlySpeaking with HIPAA compliant hosting and managed security services, through the use of various site to site VPNs, virtual machines, and scalable infrastructure solutions. HIPAA Vault’ skilled engineers also coordinate with PatientlySpeaking to develop, implement, and maintain their interactive, web-based applications.


Private practices, large healthcare organizations, and medical billing companies often face difficulties keeping up with high patient traffic and outstanding accounts receivables. PatientlySpeaking helps these practices gain efficiency through RPA, a cutting-edge technology that enables them to automate certain repetitive tasks, and free their staff up for higher value work.


PatientlySpeaking’s software enables Appointment Reminders, Patient Collection Notifications, Medication Reminders and Patient Recall Notifications – all utilizing the practice’s existing PM or EHR system. Various modules support these integrations, minimizing the staffing needs to accomplish these tasks, resulting in consistency of action and significant cost savings.


“Practices and billing companies alike are gaining the efficiencies found with our automated solutions,” says Brian Cafferty, CEO of PatientlySpeaking. “Over the last four years we have measured the results from all of our practices. They are consistently positive – providing a significant ROI for the practice.”

Over time, a growth in bot automation has driven the need for increased computing power. HIPAA Vault’ scalable solutions have helped PatientlySpeaking grow seamlessly into an enterprise-level customer. A fully managed, Windows-based solution has served to improve operations and reduce expenses, while also providing the necessary security and backup infrastructure to protect PatientlySpeaking’s sensitive data.

About HIPAA Vault:

HIPAA Vault is a leading provider of HIPAA compliant solutions, enabling healthcare providers, business organizations, and government agencies to secure their protected health information from data breaches, threats, and security vulnerabilities.

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