HIPAA Compliance Data Audit

Are You Sure Your HIPAA Data is Protected?

HIPAA is an important piece of legislation that protects patient health information (PHI). If you have data that includes PHI, you are required to follow specific requirements or you could face large, multi-million dollar fines from the government. No matter how small or how large your company is, if you don’t follow HIPAA regulations you are at risk. Your HIPAA Data Audit will help you:

– Identify if You Have PHI Data That Needs to Be Protected
– Provide a Gap Analysis for HIPAA Data
– Give You Steps to Remediate Security Issues

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Managed HIPAA Hosting for any organization that has PHI. HIPAA Vault leads the industry with affordable HIPAA compliant pricing and expert cloud management.

HIPAA Compliant SFTP Server

Secure FTP server protects files during FTP transmission. Securely send, receive, and store encrypted files through your own FTP server.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Drive

File storage, sync, and sharing in real-time with fully managed HIPAA compliance. Easily share files between people and locations with an easy to use interface.

HIPPA Compliant Email

Easy setup, access from anywhere, and Outlook integration ensures that your company email is secure and flexible. From Gmail to secure messaging, HIPAA Vault has you covered.

HIPAA Compliant RDP Server

Secure Remote Desktop Server (RDP) provides companies with a HIPAA Compliant environment for remote employees, developers, etc. to securely work with PHI.

True HIPAA Compliance

Backed by HIPAA Vault’s Industry Leading Compliance Program