Overall Solution Comparison

As one of the “big three” cloud service providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular option in the cloud market. In the field of HIPAA-compliant web hosting, however, HIPAA Vault brings the advantage of a complete solution for consumers, at a significantly lower cost. But how do we stack up to HIPAA-compliant AWS architecture?

To illustrate the difference between HIPAA Vault and AWS’ HIPAA-compliant services, imagine you’ve just purchased a house. After settlement, all the responsibilities of care and maintenance become yours: updating the locks and security systems, weatherizing the exterior, maintaining HVAC systems, patching holes and painting, cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters, pest control, and so on – it’s all in your lap. When it comes to AWS and compliance with HIPAA, AWS will leave you holding the bag. 

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In a world of increasing and novel cyberattacks against healthcare, a full range of maintenance services are similarly required for your hosted environment – 24/7/365. They include patching and security updates, vulnerability scans and remediation, data backups, encryption, prompt technical support, system logs, and much more.

The Bottom Line: Let’s compare HIPAA Vault to AWS HIPAA-Compliant Services

With AWS HIPAA Eligible Services, you won’t receive many of these essential services – it’s up to you to provide them. You’ll also pay extra for enterprise-level 24/7 technical support – a hefty $15,000 per month.

Compare this to $399 per month for HIPAA Vault’s fully-managed, HIPAA-compliant hosting with 24/7/365 dedicated, personal support – standard with all our solutions – whether you’re a small-to-mid-sized business or an enterprise-level organization.

Finally, Gartner notes that AWS HIPAA hosting requires substantial technical skills to implement 

its multitude of offerings, such as containers, databases, and data management. With HIPAA Vault, we take care of all configurations and manage the technology for you – so you can concentrate on running your business.

And keep in mind: we specialize in HIPAA – it’s all we do.

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Two Factor Authentication
Technical Support $15,000/month for premium
Advanced Monitoring
OS Updates
System Patching
Log Monitoring
Host Intrusion Detection
Managed Firewall
IP Reputation
Vulnerability Scans