Overall Price

As a major competitor in the market of HIPAA compliant web hosting services Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most well known competitors out there. HIPAA Vault’ however currently possesses the advantage of being the value leader in terms of complete solution being offered to consumers. With base plans from HIPAA Vault starting as low as $299 for a fully managed HIPAA compliant hosting service the initial value is easily identified when compared to a similar package from AWS costing $16,549. The major portion of the price difference comes from the charge that AWS assesses for the same level of technical support that comes standard with all HIPAA Vault hosting services – from small business to enterprise level. Cost is not the only area however where the value difference can be seen between HIPAA Vault’ and AWS, managed services is another key area that HIPAA Vault’ holds a major competitive advantage over AWS. In order to receive basic features such as 24x7x365 technical support similar to what is included with HIPAA Vault from AWS, consumers would have to pay a minimum of $15,000 per month.

Managed Service

By providing a completely managed hosting solution for consumers at an affordable price HIPAA Vault is separating themselves from other hosting services by including services in the base price that competitors charge extra for. By providing everything from 24x7x365 technical support,infrastructure monitoring, emergency support access, off-site backups, operating system patching, a managed firewall, access log monitoring, managed security service such as multi-tenant isolation, server hardening, vulnerability scan, two factor authentication, along with other features that ensure the highest standards of accessibility and HIPAA compliance HIPAA Vault is offering a higher standard of service than AWS for a flat rate.

AWS provides a similar, yet far more expensive, solution for HIPAA hosting that fails to provide many of the standard managed hosting solutions that HIPAA Vault provides standard. Features such as 24x7x365 technical support, access log monitoring, and two factor authentication to name a few are not included with AWS. This would require the user to manage these features without the assistance or guidance of a system administrator. With HIPAA Vault providing a managed hosting solution these features are managed and maintained by our dedicated system administrators to ensure systems availability and optimal functionality. Thus allowing the consumers to spend more time elsewhere than concerned with the security of the system, providing the consumer with the piece of mind that if an issue were to arise that the system would be professionally taken care of. HIPAA Vault managed hosting is designed to not only provide a cost effective end-to-end customer solution but also provide consumers with the piece of mind that their information and HIPAA compliance are of the utmost importance. HIPAA Vault is the clear value leader for HIPAA compliant hosting when compared to Amazon Web Services when including managed services and 24/7 technical support in plans from small business to enterprise deployments.

The table below compares HIPAA Vault Hosting and AWS:

Minimum Configuration3 Cores, 11 GB RAM, 50 GB Disk Space1 CPU, 3GB RAM, 50GB Storage
Web Server
Database Server
WAF Server
Log Retention Server
Two Factor Authentication
Technical Support$100/month for basic,
$15,000/month for premium
Advanced Monitoring
OS Updates
System Patching
Log Monitoring
Host Intrusion Detection
Managed Firewall with Unified Threat Management
IP Reputation
Vulnerability Scans