Overall Comparison

Maintaining a HIPAA compliant website has become increasingly important for healthcare organizations that handle sensitive data. While WordPress is widely recognized for its user-friendly features and extensive plugin library, it is important to note that ‘out-of-the-box’ WordPress is not considered a secure option for storing or transferring electronic protected health information (ePHI). Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, it is crucial to explore alternative platforms that prioritize robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of ePHI. Compared to the Kinsta Starter Plan and WP Engine Starter plan, HIPAA Vault’s managed HIPAA-compliant WordPress solution is the only Managed WordPress service that offers comprehensive security features like daily updates and backups, monthly vulnerability scans, secure OS and file permissions, and disabling of insecure protocols. With HIPAA Vault, you can rest assured that your website is secure and compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Dedicated IT Professionals Available at Your Convenience

HIPAA Vault’s managed services also include lightning-fast response times for critical alerts, and 90% first-call resolution. Our dedicated IT professionals handle everything. That doesn’t only mean general support questions and maintenance. They’re also capable of addressing much more complex issues, such as advanced firewall configurations and system monitoring. Our support team is available 24/7, every day of the year so your healthcare organization can get questions and issues resolved in record time!

Compare HIPAA Vault, Kinsta, and WP Engine’s Features:

HIPAA Vault Logo Kinsta wp engine
Monthly Visitors
25,000 25,000 25,000
WordPress Installs 1 1 1
Storage 10 GB 10 GB 10 GB
Money-Back Guarantee
Premium 24 x 7 Support
SSL Certificate with Autorenewal
Ecommerce compatible
SSH Access
Free Initial Migration
Premium Caching
Image Optimizer
Uptime Monitoring
DDoS Protection
Web Application Firewall
Reverse Proxy
BAA & HIPAA Compliant Environment
Daily Updates & Backups
Monthly Vulnerability Scan & Mitigation
Secure OS & File Permissions
Disabling XML-RPC and other insecure protocols/features
Obscuring the WordPress Backend URL
Brute Force Protection
Two-Factor Authentication