As a developer, you’ve carefully designed your app to promote superior outcomes for healthcare users.

But securing your app for HIPAA compliance, and building out a compliant infrastructure to host it can be complex: hundreds of hours later, mounting development costs, server configurations, and looming audit concerns can take their toll – and you’ve only just begun.

What if instead, you could inherit a proven, fully-managed infrastructure – one that would remove those concerns and allow you to focus your energies on what you do best: developing apps?

HIPAA Vault has your back.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end supported infrastructure solution can provide a solid foundation for launching a successful healthcare app.

Your customers will trust our proven, secure solution, and you’ll increase your profitability – without having to worry about expensive server expenditures, maintenance costs, or the day-to-day security monitoring, patching, and updates you need to stay secure and compliant.

Consider what you’ll receive with HIPAA Vault, as compared to other non-HIPAA hosting companies:

Included Features
Hosting Companies
A custom Linux or Windows hosted solution
State-of-the-art, compliant data centers
Fully-managed security services
Strong passwords, two-factor authentication
24/7 dedicated US-based technical support
Security scans to find potential weakness
Compliance manager review vulnerabilities regularly

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