Alicia: Hello everybody, thank you for joining us today. My name is Alicia Kay, I am the social media analyst here at HIPAA Vault, and here we have Gil Vidals, the CEO, and today he wanted to talk about data security. So what exactly did you want to talk about with data security?

Gil: Well there’s something that is very interesting and that is “geographically dispersed data”. We always talk about security, and what do people think about, they think about attacks, attack vectors, but also security encompasses the safety of your data from a disaster point of view.

Alicia: Uh huh, like a natural disaster if there was a flood or a tornado or something?

Gil: Yeah

Alicia: So you have a backup data center and a regular one?

Gil: Yeah, we do employ that kind of a method where we have a main data center, and we have a data center in Phoenix, which is supposed to be a disaster free zone. But in this day and age with the public cloud, you can create data in any region of the world that you want. The United States is what we’re talking about because HIPAA is a US based regulation, so you can put your data in Oregon, Iowa, East Coast, West Coast, Northwest, wherever you want.

Alicia: Okay so how far apart should the backup data center be from the regular one if there was a disaster?

Gil: Well first of all, we’re not talking about just backups. We’re talking about having your data replicated in different areas, and in my mind, when I think about a hurricane hitting or a tornado hitting, just use your common sense. Would two miles be far enough? No. 10? No. 100? Maybe. So you’re thinking about it in hundreds of miles. And keep your data and maybe use Amazon Glacier, or cold storage from Google. Did you know you can have a thousand GB of data for like a penny per GB? What’s that, 10 bucks? 10 bucks! So you can say I want this data, and also in Google Cloud by the way, it’s replicated automatically. So if you paid for a thousand gigs of storage, they’ll replicate it for you, you don’t even know where it is exactly in the US, but you’ll know that it’s dispersed throughout many data centers.

Alicia: Okay, wow that’s very interesting, I didn’t know all that, thank you. Thank you for joining us today guys, please leave any feedback, comments, or questions or other topics that you want us to talk about. Thank you!