Alicia: Hello everybody, thank you for joining us again today, my name is Alicia Kay and here we have Gil Vidals, the CEO of HIPAA Vault. So I know recently we’ve been helping some of our clients that are in telemedicine with this whole corona crisis and expanding their resources, but before we get into that, could you tell us exactly what telemedicine is?

Gil: Sure, yeah, thanks for that introduction Alicia. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is the ability to talk with a patient over a video call, and so that allows to reach out to the client or to the patient without having to see them physically.

Alicia: Which is probably so important right now when you’re not supposed to be in contact with other people.

Gil: Sure, absolutely. It’s becoming very popular right now.
Alicia: And we have some telemedicine clients, right?

Gil: Yeah, we’ve got a client, that I can think of as a good example that has a relationship with a grocery store, I think it’s Safeway, and so when the shoppers go in there they see “Hey, talk to a doctor!” and I think they can swipe their credit card and they can talk to some doctor about their health, and so that’s a very convenient thing.

Alicia: And how have we been able to help them during this crisis?

Gil: Yeah, what we do, is part of HIPAA Vault, is that we provide the infrastructure and all the managed services that surrounds their telemedicine app to make sure it meets all the federal regulations for HIPAA.

Alicia: Okay! So we can help them with the app side of it as well as the website?

Gil: Yes, yes to make sure it’s scalable, to make sure it’s secure, and to make sure it’s HIPAA compliant.

Alicia: Okay, thank you! 

Gil: Thank you Alicia.