Terri: Hi, I’m Terri, and this is Gil from VM Racks. Today we’re going to talk about a new brand that Gil is launching, called HIPAA Vault. So Gil, tell us, why are you launching this brand?

Gil: Well I love the name HIPAA Vault because it conveys “HIPAA” which is PHI data and also “vault” which is securities, and that’s what we do – we secure patient information in the cloud, so I really like that name. And VM Racks is a little dated I think, that name.

Terri: Why is that?

Gil: Well VM Racks started in 2010, roughly at the time, and the big deal in 2010 was to virtualize the systems and virtualize the workflows, but everyone’s done that already. The VM stood for virtual machines and “racks” was rackspace in a data center, so I just think this brand is more relevant. 

Terri: Okay, and are there any new services that you’re also bringing on board with HIPAA Vault?

Gil: Yeah, we’re going to bring on an exciting new service, which is pen testing, penetration testing. Some of our larger clients want to do a penetration test to see if there are ways to hack into the servers, and sometimes they do that because of an audit, or they just want higher security levels.

Terri: Okay, that sounds good. And when do you anticipate the new brand being launched?

Gil: We’re going to be launching the 3rd week of July, so stay tuned!

Terri: Okay, thank you very much!