Alicia: Hello everybody, welcome back to another one of our videos. My name is Alicia Kay and here we have Gil Vidals, the CEO of HIPAA Vault. So I know you just launched your WordPress product, and last time we talked about some of the plugins and the security updates, but I was curious on what target this product is intended for.

Gil: Well that’s a good question, so the product itself is aimed at companies that want to use WordPress and they don’t have an overcomplicated app. In other words, they don’t have a ton of customization needs, it’s pretty straightforward out of the box WordPress, and what we do is we wrap it up in security and we make it very inexpensive for our customers to have that HIPAA compliant WordPress site, and that’s not easy to come by. 

Alicia: Okay, so it’s targeted for companies that have medical data I assume or just anything that needs to be HIPAA?

Gil: Well it’s medical data that they’re hosting, patient protected health information

Alicia: And an app that’s not too complicated, pretty straight forward 

Gil: Yeah, something that’s not overly complicated. If it is overly complicated, we could still host it, but we would have to isolate them to their own dedicated server. In this case, we’re able to use technology, namely kubernetes, that’ll allow them to host a really secure site in an inexpensive solution.

Alicia: So if they needed it to be more complicated we could do that, the price would probably just vary a little bit?

Gil: Yeah

Alicia: Okay awesome is there anything else you wanted to add? 

Gil: No, we’re back in the office and thanks for stopping by and we’d really like to hear from you!

Alicia: Thank you guys!