Alicia: Hello everybody, thank you for joining us again today, my name is Alicia Kay and here we have Gil Vidals, the CEO of HIPAA Vault. So today I wanted to talk about one of our products that we don’t really talk about often which is the sFTP server, and what does that stand for? Secure…

Gil: Secure File Transfer Protocol

Alicia: Okay, and what is that used for?

Gil: It’s a very old protocol, I think it’s been around for more than 20 years, and it’s a protocol to transfer files from one server to a server or to pull it back from a server.

Alicia: Okay, and what’s a popular use case for an sFTP server?

Gil: Well that’s a good question, it’s an old protocol, it’s kind of a simple solution, you’re just transferring files, but it’s popular because companies will have, say, patient information or a report and they need to move that to another location, and they want to automate it with scripts. So that becomes a popular product because it’s a good, simple but secure protocol that you can automate the transfer of files.

Alicia: Okay, and you just mentioned it’s secure, but is it HIPAA compliant?

Gil: Ah, good question, HIPAA compliance. Well, I would say FTP just out of the box is not HIPAA compliant but the way we configure it with two-factor authentication would be compliant.

Alicia: Okay, alright, thank you so much!

Gil: Yeah thank you, and if you want more information about this product file transfer protocol let us know and we can send you some more info.

Alicia: Thank you.

For more information on HIPAA Vault’s HIPAA Compliant Secure File Transfer Protocol Server (sFTP server), please click here. Our product is built with security in mind, and is ideal for automated processes that include the transfer of protected health information (PHI).