Gil: Hi this is Gil Vidals, the CEO of HIPAA Vault, a managed security service provider focused on securing medical data in the cloud and keeping it compliant, and with me today is Terri, who is a divergent control expert from RXperts, welcome Terri!

Terri: Thank you

Gil: Today we’re going to talk about something kind of interesting – two worlds that are intersecting. That is, my world of cloud security, and her world of diversion control at hospitals. So tell us briefly, what does diversion control in a hospital look like, what do you do?

Terri: So diversion is any medication that’s diverted from its intended pathway, which is to the patient. Normally when you speak of diversion control, the most common is controlled substances, narcotics, to make sure they’re not being abused and stolen, but you can also use it for high cost drugs. Anything really, there shouldn’t be any theft. And so, diversion control is a program that you put into place to watch for any kind of diversion.

Gil: Okay, I understand. When you say program, you don’t mean a software program right, you mean a procedure that you go through?

Terri: Correct, a procedure. Many hospitals are still doing it manually, some do it better than others, but many hospitals right now have a manual procedure where you manually go through the EHRs (electronic health records) and your automated dispensing machine is looking for signs of diversion.

Gil: Okay, and now with AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning, there are companies that are just coming around that are able to help Terri in her world, monitor the flow of the medication through the hospital and catch the bad guys that are diverting the medications, correct?

Terri: Yes, it’s pretty incredible the way it works is that I feel like we’ve got a pretty solid manual process that takes hours, and you can literally spend a couple of days if you’ve got an active issue, ferreting through everything. But with these programs that use the AI, they’re just constantly in the background and looking at things that I can’t even begin to compare, that literally would take me we weeks to compare.

Gil: Wow, that exciting to see how cloud technology can help in your world, and of course at HIPAA Vault our job is to secure that data, that diversion control information, when it’s in the cloud. Well thank you for joining us.

Terri: Sure

Gil: Leave us any comments, any critical suggestions, we’re always open to improving, thank you very much.