I am Gil Vidals from HIPAA Vault, secure cloud provider. Today’s short video is going to be focused on encrypted email. You made the decision: you need encrypted email to protect sensitive data. The question is, What solution do you use? I’m going to focus on two solutions, one from Microsoft, and the other from Google. They are both web-based and they both work well in protecting your data. Here is the key point you have to focus on, and that is that Google has a licensed model from a 3rd party called Virtru that provides encryption (read more about there here). And that model is expensive. So imagine if you have a small office, you’ve got to pay this chunk of change for this encrypted model, and advertise it across a few users. It’s a big chunk of change per user. On the other hand, Microsoft has a model where you just pay a small fee per user (read more about that here). So for the smaller offices, I would really recommend Microsoft Office 365 encrypted email solutions. Larger companies could choose either one. I hope this small tidbit today helped you in making your decision.