Hi. I’m Gil Vidals, CEO of HIPAA Vault a Managed Security Service Provider focused on hosting medical data in the cloud. I’m Alicia Kay, Social Media Analyst at HIPAA Vault. Today we are going to start a series on the fundamentals of EPHI (Electronic Protected Health Information). What would you say is a good start for a corporation that plans on hosting a PHI in the cloud. That is a good question and fortunately it’s not too hard to find a data center that is certified to host HIPAA data. There are many many providers including Google, Amazon and many other private data centers. Besides the physical environment, what would be next? The next thing is to find a Managed Security Service Provider that really hones in on the medical data and knows all about disaster recovery, making sure the medical data is accessible, making sure there is offsite backup, does vulnerability scans and many other things so that they become your IT extension handling your data in the cloud. On the next segment, we will cover what to look for in a solid security partner that will assist in managing of the data in the cloud. Thanks for joining! Please leave any questions below in the comments. Also, let us know what you are thinking of this information. We would really appreciate it.