Hello, I’m Alicia Kay the Social Media Analyst here at hipaavault, an MSP that specializes in PHI. Today we have Josh Vidals, Orchestration Engineer. Can you tell me a little bit about Automation or Orchestration Engineer does on a daily basis? Definitely. As the Automation Engineer, I automate our customer deployments, which consists of several servers and doing that by hand would just take too long. So, with automation we are able to take that down from a process that could take days to just a few hours. What is the importance of having an Automation Engineer? It is important to have an Automation Engineer because here at hipaavault we have some pretty rigurous standards in terms of how we do our deployments for security and doing that by hand just introduces the possibility of too many errors. So, by automating it, you know its’ consistent each time. Ok. That make sense! Thank you so much. Make sure to leave comments below questions or feeback.