Week 1 of National Cybersecurity Month

If You Connect It, Protect It October is National Cybersecurity Month, and ‘If you connect it, protect it’ is the theme for week #1. (With over 90% of the US population now on the internet, the theme easily might have been ‘When you connect it, protect it’). It’s an apt reminder, as cybercriminals are capitalizing on … Continue reading Week 1 of National Cybersecurity Month

HIPAA WordPress for Developers

Today’s healthcare organizations put a premium on positive engagement and patient satisfaction. As a healthcare website developer, you seek to foster this with flawless functionality and elegant features to improve the user’s experience. You do this by clarifying your brand, and what sets it apart; highlighting the provider’s services clearly is also key. In the end, you … Continue reading HIPAA WordPress for Developers

HIPAA Certification vs Compliance – Do You Know the Difference?

All healthcare organizations, health app developers, and associated covered entities are responsible to protect sensitive, medical data. But will a simple software solution or training course be sufficient to make them HIPAA compliant? Certainly, technology plays an important role. But HIPAA compliance depends on much more than the right security tools, or even obtaining a certification. So … Continue reading HIPAA Certification vs Compliance – Do You Know the Difference?

How to Save a Life

Sadly, it’s happened: As reported in the New York Times, on September 10 a woman fighting for her life was turned away from the University Hospital, Düsseldorf because hospital servers were infected with ransomware. With vital systems crashing, emergency treatment could not be administered. By the time the woman could receive services – in another hospital, … Continue reading How to Save a Life

HIPAA Compliance is an Ongoing Process

Congratulations, you’ve made a wise choice to entrust your sensitive data to a proven, HIPAA compliant hosting specialist like HIPAA Vault! But wait – in terms of overall compliance, what does that really mean? It does mean that the technical infrastructure we employ to host your sensitive data is fully compliant – expertly designed with multiple layers of security to … Continue reading HIPAA Compliance is an Ongoing Process

How to Make Your Website HIPAA Compliant

They say you never know until it hits you. Whoever “they” are, they’ve got a point – especially if the “it” is failing to secure someone’s personal, protected health information (PHI). Once this sensitive data is divulged, the genie is out of the bottle – and the impact can be staggering. Just ask Advocate Health … Continue reading How to Make Your Website HIPAA Compliant