HIPAA WordPress for Developers

Today’s healthcare organizations put a premium on positive engagement and patient satisfaction. As a healthcare website developer, you seek to foster this with flawless functionality and elegant features to improve the user’s experience. You do this by clarifying your brand, and what sets it apart; highlighting the provider’s services clearly is also key. In the end, you … Continue reading HIPAA WordPress for Developers

HIPAA Plugins for WordPress – Part 1: Two Factor Authentication

A well-known movie line exclaims, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” All Hollywood drama aside, we know how poor communications can complicate relationships. When it comes to healthcare, however, the stakes can be even higher: misdiagnosis, delayed treatments, or even worse. Malicious cyber-attacks that may damage the integrity and availability of your … Continue reading HIPAA Plugins for WordPress – Part 1: Two Factor Authentication

Is WordPress HIPAA Compliant?

As the most popular, off-the-shelf content management system (CMS) in the world – estimated at over 50% of the market share, translating to some 75 million websites worldwide – WordPress is clearly the website builder of choice. Numerous medical practices and other health providers rely on the WordPress platform for its ease of use, variety … Continue reading Is WordPress HIPAA Compliant?