Security Scanning for HIPAA Compliant Hosting

By HIPAA Vault

Network scanning tools are available to perform security scans throughout the environment for identification of possible and/or known security holes that could allow hackers to obtain information. There are different methods by which these scans can be conducted to validate either the internal network or the external network.

For the purposes of achieving the goal of securing the external network, penetration testing (also known as pen testing) is the preferred method by which to keep intruders from entering the perimeter. This type of testing is used to validate the security posture of the network periphery before gaining access into the inside.

If unwanted guests have already passed the external infrastructure and made their way inside, then vulnerability assessment is the next method for preventing system access. This type of testing is used to identify and then remediate any issues that may exist on the local systems or network devices used for internal purposes.

Securing the entire network infrastructure in a HIPAA Compliant hosting environment is a significant task that requires a great deal of attention to comply with the proper rules and regulations. As a result, the risk analysis would produce a low risk assessment that could greatly reduce the impact of data loss in the case of a security breach.


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