Importance of Choosing the Right Email Provider

Gil Vidals, CEO of HIPAA Vault, explains the importance of choosing the right email provider to ensure proper HIPAA compliance This issue (16:46): Is GMAIL HIPAA compliant? Reasons why to use encrypted email Important factors to consider when looking for a HIPAA compliant cloud provider Choosing the right type of encryption for HIPAA data

MSP Voice Webinar – HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Doug Hazelman, host of MSP Voice interviewed our CEO,  Gil Vidals on their webinar series talking about HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions.  In this webinar series, we discuss the benefits of security and managed services for HIPAA Compliant Hosting. MSP Voice – Benefits of HIPAA Compaliant Hosting

Is your Gmail HIPAA Compliant?

Andrew Kroninger, Total HIPAA’s Director of Customer Success, interviewed Gil Vidals, founder and CEO of HIPAA Vault, a HIPAA compliant cloud managing solution. The two discussed Gmail’s potential for HIPAA compliant email messaging. You can listen to this episode of our podcast HIPAA Talk! above or on your mobile device via Apple Podcasts. Or, read … Continue reading Is your Gmail HIPAA Compliant?