3 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud with HIPAA Vault
By Gil Vidals, , HIPAA Blog, HIPAA Hosting, Resources, Security

It’s been remarked about 18th century Vienna that Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn all migrated to the great city for one, primary reason: they were drawn by the promise of something glorious, a dream of flourishing.

Isn’t that what we all want? Whenever we hear the music of hope, we can imagine a brighter future.  

But, it requires action. As J.P. Morgan put it, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

But What about Moving to the Cloud? 

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, the suggestion of migrating your workloads to the cloud (or another cloud) sounds a bit like hearing a dirge, like stepping out into mid-air. Who will be there to catch you?

But what if you knew you could do it and quickly reap the benefits – without disruption to business continuity?

Here are 3 reasons why customers choose HIPAA Vault to orchestrate their migrations to the cloud, and so find greater flourishing:

  1. We Help our Customers Realize Considerable Cost Savings

Many of our clients began, for example, with AWS, only to realize – as research firm Gartner has noted – that AWS requires substantial technical skills to implement its offerings, such as containers, databases, and data management. 

But especially concerning to them was the realization that many essential services for HIPAA compliance would be their responsibility – critical things like managing OS updates, security patching, and logging. 

And, if anything went wrong in the middle of the night (as things often will), they’d require enterprise-level, 24/7 technical support – a hefty $15,000 per month with AWS!

Compare this to a fully-managed environment, one where HIPAA Vault helps you assess your compute environment, performs your migration, and provides completely managed hosting with 24/7/365 enterprise-level technical support – starting at only $399 (for Linux).

In addition, customers who migrate from an on-premise environment are typically able to decommission their data centers, and all that goes with them: server maintenance and upkeep, capital equipment costs, IT management, and so on – a massive saving.  

  1. We Improve Performance & Uptime (with No Downtime During Migration)

HIPAA Vault excels in rehosting workloads for healthcare organizations looking to expedite their move to the cloud quickly, with little or no modification to the application, as well as more detailed configurations. For its many benefits (which we’ve detailed often), we layer our services over the Google cloud.

A study by Forrester on the economic impact of migrating to the Google Cloud showed that customers “reduced downtime by 90%” and “improved infrastructure management efficiency by 50%.”  

Our customers also find – as the report notes – that by “right-sizing their environments, refactoring applications to run more efficiently, taking advantage of bring-your-own-license (BYOL) programs, and migrating expensive licensed workloads to open source alternatives,” we’ve helped them dramatically improve performance and uptime while reducing licensing and cloud consumption costs.  

Increased resilience and responsiveness (auto-scaling, etc.) of the application should also result. Streamlining their existing application portfolio is undertaken with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing complexity, and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). An appreciable ROI and long-term cost reduction are gained. 

Improving critical system responsiveness advances our customer’s priorities for better care, and for streamlining business operations. 

  1. We Provide Greater Security & Compliance

A major part of HIPAA Vault’s migration plan is to implement a strong security plan for the customer’s cloud environment, allowing them to flourish and keeping them compliant with HIPAA on the infrastructure side.  

Layered over Google’s world-class cloud and data centers, our multi-layered cloud security is designed to identify and mitigate threats that continue to grow in type and complexity. 

With a full spectrum of managed services, we apply the latest security patches for applications and operating systems necessary to protect the integrity and reliability of sensitive data.

We include real-time analysis of networks, firewalls, SIEM, and alerts that are monitored and maintained so threats are blocked before your data can be compromised.

The Outro on Migrations

Our customers come to us – like the great composers who came to Vienna – because their existing cloud or on-premise infrastructures are highly inflexible, time-consuming, and costly to manage. Frequent downtimes are also a significant driver towards change. Most of all, they require proven HIPAA compliance to protect their sensitive patient data. 

We provide them satisfaction through a highly optimized, scalable, and secure infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost. This not only meets their compliance needs, it helps all their critical processes to flourish – and that’s music to their ears!

If you have any questions on HIPAA Vault’s fully managed services of GCP, please contact us! 760-394-6920.

(Special thanks to Adam Zeineddine for his salient input to this article!)