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$800,000 fine for violating HIPAA regulations

In September 2008, employees of Parkview Health System Inc. returned some files to a retiring physician. Allegedly, Parkview Health System initially took custody of these documents in order to facilitate these patients' transfer to new providers. The employees brought these boxes of documentation to her residence and, after realizing she was not home, left the boxes on the driveway. This was an innocent mistake on the part of these employees; this ignorance of HIPAA laws and careless handling of protected health information (PHI) led to a notable violation of HIPAA regulations. This incident resulted in Parkview Health System, Inc. having to pay a sizable 'Resolution Amount'.
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Medical Marijuana Industry Regulated by HIPAA

Like any controlled substance, medical marijuana requires a robust system of patient verification to make certain that patients who are receiving prescriptions are identified properly. Medical dispensaries use computerized patient verification systems in the pursuit of this goal. But what many people do not know is that a patient verification system is also subject to... Continue reading
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Decoding the Updated HIPAA Omnibus Rule

On January 17th, 2013, the Health Insurance of Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (otherwise known as HIPAA) rules were overhauled with the express goal of improving patient privacy and protecting patient data. These new rules took effect as of March 26, 2013. The change to the laws made regulations for second and third-party businesses... Continue reading
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Compliance Checklist for HIPAA IT Pros

Hosting protected health information can be daunting, but going through a checklist of requirements for the compliance of the Health Insurance of Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (otherwise known as HIPAA) can make the process simpler and more painless.
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Heartbleed’s Impact on HIPAA Compliance

Back in early April of this year (2014) there was a new security vulnerability discovered known as the “Heartbleed Bug.” This software bug has had an impact on the overall global internet community which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to provide secure websites to the public. As a result, this security issue has had... Continue reading
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HIPAA Compliant Hosting for European-based Organizations

In order to host and/or migrate medical data being transferred from the European Union (EU), US hosting providers have to undergo and partake in the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor certification process. EU Directive 95/46/EC is the European Union mandate (in conjunction with the European Convention {EC}) for the protection of individuals with regard to Automatic Processing... Continue reading